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Dr. Shahzad and his team offer comprehensive cardiovascular diagnostic services for our patients. This includes consultation with one of our cardiologists as well as an ongoing evaluation and management of cardiovascular problems. We believe that prevention of heart disease offers the best outcome, and we offer services designed to promote primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Cardiovascular Consultation is an opportunity for patients to discuss their cardiac problems, current complaints, understand the risks and complications, and to adopt healthy lifestyle habits. It also helps in better understanding the treatment methods and surgery procedure, pre- and post- operative preparations, risks, and complications of the surgery.

During the cardiac consultation, your doctor will evaluate past medical history, perform thorough physical examination and tests to assess the risk of developing heart diseases. Early diagnosis may have a better prognosis and minimize complications.


  • Discussion of any symptoms related to your heart blood vessel (circulation) heartbeat (rhythm)
  • Issues and problems with your heart, blood vessels (circulation), heartbeat (rhythm)
  • Discussion of testing (heart, blood vessels (circulation), heartbeat (rhythm)
  • Cardiac clearance
Second Opinions

Finding out you have heart disease can be scary, especially if you need treatment for the problem. You may not be sure you are getting the best advice.

A second opinion can help ease your mind by confirming you have been diagnosed properly and that you are getting the correct treatment. Shahzad MD has the experience and knowledge from the most common heart condition to very rare heart conditions.

Many patients who have second opinions at Shahzad MD also learn that treatment is possible, even after other doctors have told them there is nothing they can do to help them get better. Our cardiologists and surgeons work together to understand your cardiovascular condition and help you choose the best treatment option for you. You will receive an expert opinion based on the latest research and technology and learn about the benefits and risks of each treatment.

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  • Establishing new care, treatment and management of chronic medical conditions
  • heart management
  • wellness and prevention
  • procedures
Preventative & Wellness

Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the United States. Stroke is the #5 cause of death in the United States. One of the biggest contributors to these statistics is a lack of commitment to healthy living. Your lifestyle is your #1 defense against heart disease and stroke.

The Shahzad MD team is determined to educate our patients on how to live healthy lifestyles and obtain better health. Through education and consultations, we strive to help our patients learn the ways to increase their quality of life and reduce their risk for cardiovascular diseases.

Contact Shahzad MD to schedule an appointment today to discuss tips on preventing cardiovascular disease and living a heart-healthy life.

Diagnostic Testing

The right tests are required to properly diagnose your heart condition.

There are a variety of tests used to diagnose cardiovascular disease. Shahzad MD specializes in all diagnostic testing techniques, including blood tests, Exercise Stress Tests, Catheterization, CT Scans and MRI, among many others.

We utilize a variety of tests and studies in order to properly diagnose each patient, and we provide a full spectrum of treatments and procedures to counter-act blockage, deterioration, and other possible issues that are leading to disease or serious conditions.

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  • Ultrasound (echo / echocardiogram)
  • Stress test (treadmill)
  • Exercise stress test (treadmill)
  • Chemical stress test (lexiscan, dobutamine, adenosine)
  • Nuclear stress test


  • ultrasound (carotid artery)


  • Aneurysm screening (to be announced)


  • Ultrasound (arterial duplex Doppler)
  • Hand circulation testing of the upper extremity (arm forearm hand)
  • Arterial waveforms of the upper extremity and hand
  • Venous Doppler (to check for blood clots)


  • ABI (ankle brachial index)
  • Ultrasound (arterial duplex Doppler)
  • Venous reflux study (assess the vein circulation in your legs)
  • Varicose vein testing and treatment
  • Blood clot testing (venous Doppler ultrasound)


  • Holter
  • Event monitor
  • Telemetry
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • Pacemaker monitoring and testing
  • Defibrillator monitoring and testing
  • Loop recorder ILR monitoring and testing


  • Angiogram
  • Angioplasty
  • Balloon Angioplasty
  • Stents
  • Atherectomy (orbital)
  • Atherectomy (laser)
  • CTO (100% blockage of a blood vessel)
  • Radial artery angiogram (heart catheterization/angiogram via the wrist
  • Radial artery angioplasty (fixing a blood vessel through the wrist)


  • Carotid artery stenting
  • Carotid artery angiogram


  • Abdominal aneurysm angiogram
  • Abdominal aneurysm stenting (EVAR, PEVAR)
  • Abdominal aorta stenting
  • Renal artery (artery to kidney) angiogram
  • Renal artery (artery to kidney) angioplasty
  • IVC filter implantation
  • Inferior vena cava aortography
  • Abdominal aortic aortography


  • Subclavian artery stenting (artery to arm)
  • Subclavian artery angiogram (artery to arm)
  • Innominate artery angiogram
  • Innominate artery stenting
  • Venography
  • Venous stenting
  • Thrombectomy
  • Atherectomy


  • Angiography
  • Angioplasty
  • Stents
  • Balloons
  • Atherectomy (cleans out/removes blockages)
  • Laser atherectomy
  • CTO chronic total occlusion (100% blockage of a blood vessel) stenting
  • Treatment of nonhealing wounds
  • Critical limb ischemia
  • Limb salvage
  • DVT treatment (clots in the legs)
  • IVC filter implantation
  • IVC filter removal
  • Thrombectomy
  • Venous stenting including the iliac veins
  • Vein treatment/ablation for varicose veins including radiofrequency ablation


  • ILR (internal loop recorder) implantation
  • ILR (internal loop recorder) explantation (removal)
  • Pacemaker implantation
  • Pacemaker expectation (removal)
  • Pacemaker generator change



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